Registration of national pilots in the European championship for the 50th International Hill Climb to Fito
The next days, May 13, 14 and 15, the 50th edition of the International Hill Climb to Fito will be held. The Asturian competition will once again be the only Spanish test scoring for the European Mountain Championship. Once published, prior approval by the FIA, its particular regulations for the continental event, the registration period for drivers who want to take part in it is now open. This registration requires being in possession of the international license or processing the upgrade that gives access to it.
The upgrade has a cost of €100, so this year, as a novelty and in order to encourage the participation of national pilots in the European Championship, the RFEDA has granted a discount of €50 on registration for the test for Spanish pilots who do not have an international license and therefore must process the upgrade in order to register for the European Championship.
This discount is direct in the registration, which in this specific case has a cost of €270 instead of €320 (amount that is maintained for pilots with an international license or those who wish to register only for the CEM AUTOhebdo SPORT test) , so that the total, including the upgrade, is €370. It is a very competitive price, clearly lower in absolute or relative value (taking into account the number of kilometers of competition over the weekend) than the cost of registration in the European for national riders in the climbs of the continental event held in another countries.
In addition, registration in the European Championship entitles riders to opt for the cash prizes offered to the top five finishers in each of the competitions classes, ranging from €500 for the winner to €100. € awarded to the one who occupies the fifth position.
For all these reasons, plus the extra incentive that for any pilot always supposes to measure themselves directly with the best European mountain specialists, the RFEDA and the organizers of the 50th International Climb to the Fito hope that this effort made to contain the registration costs allow a good number of Spanish pilots to take part this year in the valid competition for the European Championship, of which the Asturian test will be the third date of the season.

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