46 Subida Internacional al Fito Presentation
Yesterday took place the 46 edition of Subida Internacional al Fito. More than 50 people between public and authorities attended the event.
Sifmotor: the president Aladino Martínez , the sport general director of Asturias Jose Ramón Tuero,the mayor of Parres Emilio García Longo, the FAPA president Carlos Márquez Ron, from RFEA Angel Paniceres and finaly the president of hotel industry Belsario Suárez The chindren of the Rio Sella school from Arriondas had their participation in this Gala also, they have been journalists for few moments since they were allowed to take the stage and ask a few questions to the authorities.
I want to highlight an issue that was mentioned more than one ocassion, the Safety. This year especially come to the event officials from FIA who will only be controlling the safety in the race. If during the race someone from the public is in the wrong location the race will be stopped. That is why we ask the public to follow the indications of the organizers, stewards etc. In addition to this we run the risk that the event will stop.

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