The rise to FITO in Argentina presentation
Monday 13th November at 6 pm at Carlton hotel, located at 1180 Libertad Street (Capital Federal)
It is the first time that European mountain race is presented in America, specifically in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The presentation will take place on 13th Novembre at 6 pm at the Carlton hotel, located at 1180 Libertad street (Capital Federal).

In Argentina this speciality does not exist, that is whay we do this event: to promote the mountain and, of course, to release "ASTURIAS, NATURAL PARADISE".

In this act, we will emit different audiovisual information from both "FITO" and "ASTURIAS".

In addition, an idea that has been commented since 2016, is to organize a mountain world championship, with four test in America and four in Europe, always based on a never crazy project for the future of this beautiful speciality.

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