Presentation of the poster in Asturdai (Hyundai, Asturias)
The Sif Motor Club, was present the official poster of the Asturias Race.
The SIFMOTOR showed yesterday the official poster of the 47 Subida internacional al Fito event at the Hyundai buildings in Gijon.

Between the people who assisted were José Ramón Tuero, the general director of Asturian sports Cárlos Márquez Rom, The president of the asturian federation of Automobile Emilio García Longo, the mayor of Parres Alberto Martínez, the Sales Director of Resnova, Adriano Mones, the Regional Director of Phoenix Contact and the President of the club Aladino Martínez.

This presentation is the second one that Sifmotor has done in the last month, the first one was in Madrid.
The official presentation of the event will take place next Thursday at 20:00 at the Town Hall in Arriondas.

We are happy to inform you that this year the event has attracted a record number of 134 drivers.

This year Sifmotor has an agreement with the blood donation organisation of Asturias. There will be a blood donation car available at the race for donations.

Today at 20:00 the official list of drivers will be published

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