Fia hill climb championship, cup and Master, cancelled
In light of the current COVID-19 crisis and due to its direct consequences, the 2020 editions of the FIA European Hill Climb Championship and the FIA International Hill Climb Cup have been cancelled.

The original European Championship calendar included 12 events in as many countries from mid-April to mid-September. Nine of the 12 rounds were already officially cancelled on the eve of the Hill Climb Commission meeting on 26 May, with no intention or possibility for the affected organisers to postpone their event to a later date. As for the International Hill Climb Cup, three of its five events had already been cancelled.

In the opinion of the members of the Commission, the balance of events that could (perhaps, without any absolute guarantee yet) still be contested was insufficient to justify the maintenance and merit of the Championship and Cup status.

Fia Hill Climb Master:
As the participation in this biennial Hill Climb contest is essentially conditioned by a selection system based on qualifying results obtained by competitors in national and international championships, it is clear that the correct application of the regulations relating to the eligibility of the drivers is rendered null and void by the cascade of race cancellations which have been rightly decided in light of global health concerns regarding the COVID-19.

For its Nations Cup, the FIA Hill Climb Masters also requires the significant involvement and effort of ASNs and it has been determined that consideration must be given to them, and to the competitors, as they manage the challenges related to this unprecedent crisis, particularly the health and safety of their people.

The decision to postpone the 4th Edition of the FIA Hill Climb Masters to 2021 has been taken after due consultation with the hosting ASN of Portugal and the local event organiser and authorities, in order to give the competition the best chance to generate the same enthusiasm and excitement that defined its 3rd edition in Gubbio, Italy, in 2018.

President of the FIA Hill Climb Commission, Imad Lahoud said: ”This is a very difficult decision, but a reasonable one in the particular context of our discipline and it will allow everyone to postpone all their efforts towards 2021. The next season of hill climbs will bring its share of novelties and we are looking forward to it, especially for the full introduction of the Performance Factor for the closed cars competing in Category 1 in the Championship, in the Cup and at the FIA Hill Climb Masters.”

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