Presentation 50 International Climb to the Fito in the Asturian Center of Madrid
Sif Motor presents the 50th edition of the International Fito Climb in Madrid
On the day of the date, the 50th edition of the International hill climb to the Fito has been presented at the Asturian Center in Madrid.

This act has been attended by various personalities, authorities and the main media at the national level.

At the table of authorities we highlight the presence of Mr. President of the Asturian Center of Madrid Mr. Valentin Mart?nez Otero, The Vice President of the RFEDA Mr. Jose Vicente Medina,D. Emilio Garcia Longo, Mayor of Parres and on behalf of the Sif Motor team, Mr. Aladino Martinez

In this act the Sif Motor team has delivered several commemorative plaques.

The first has been delivered to the President of the Asturian center of Madrid as a thank you for allowing us to make the presentation at the house of all Asturians in Madrid.

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