PRESS/TV accreditations is open
From April, 11th to May, 1st
Open the term to be able to be accredited as PRESS / TV in the 50th International Climb to the Fito.
All professionals who wish to be accredited must complete the online form found on our website in all its sections.
Only and without exception, press professionals who have insurance that covers them in the event of an accident will be accredited.
If said person is not in possession of the RFEDA press insurance or Professional Services license, they must yes or yes present a document signed and stamped by their insurance company, indicating that they are covered in the event of an accident, according to the work that will perform the days of the test.
The accreditations will be withdrawn as every year in Arriondas.
We remind you that to pick up your credential you will have to go personally to the press office, since under no circumstances will any other credential other than yours be given to any person.
The first week of May, we will send you the pick-up place and time.

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