This is the official poster of the 50th International hill Climb to Fito
Yesterday at 8:00 p.m. , at SOTO DE DUEÑAS karting, we have had the immense pleasure of presenting the official poster for the 50th International Climb to Fito.
Different personalities from the motor world, authorities, the media and friends, have attended this promotional event that is so special for all of us since in this edition, the INTERNATIONAL CLIMB TO THE PHYTO celebrates edition No 50.
The main table was made up of Mr. Emilio Garcia Longo (Mayor of Parres), the local driver (Javier Villa) and the president of SIF MOTOR, Mr. Aladino Martinez.
Mr. Aladino Martinez began the act thanking the presence of all the attendees, sponsors, etc. And I remembered all the people who, in one way or another, have contributed their grain of sand throughout these 50 editions and are no longer physically with us.
He also reminded us that this is the second act that the SIF MOTOR team has carried out this year on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Fito, (the first was the presentation of Fito 2022 at the Asturian Center in Madrid in March) and taking advantage of the occasion, we
commented that the official presentation of the test will take place on May 12 at the house of culture of Parres.
Mr. Aladino gave the floor to the Mayor of Parres.
Mr. Emilio Garcia Longo congratulated the Scuderia for the great work carried out during all these editions, thanking the support of all the sponsors, the media and the public who would surely arrive in great numbers to Arriondas, the May 13-14 and 15, to enjoy this great motor festival.
He concluded his participation wishing us great success, for this and future editions of the test
Then said mayor and Aladino Martinez, have proceeded to show everyone the poster of the race. (We remind you that this event is international in nature and is the only test of the F.I.A. European Mountain Championship that is held in our country.)
Due to commitments that his work as mayor entails, Mr. Emilio Garcia Longo had to leave before concluding said event, taking the floor Javi Villa, where he told us, precisely coinciding with the 50th edition of the home test, as he always says, this year is his tenth participation in the Fito. (six with the CM, the fourth with the Barqueta and his fifth participation in the European championship, since before he competed in the Asturian National and Regional).
He also mentioned that this year there are four riders in the team, three of them Asturians and two from Arriondas.
In said act another great Asturian driver and great friend of our team such as Mr. Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona was also mentioned, where he commented on a video that Aladino had received showing Fombona testing his wonderful Audi RS5 DTM in the circuit of Braga (Portugal)
The act culminated with a beautiful motor gathering between the attending public, (of which the presence of the former Mayor of Colunga and former Pilot, Rogelio Pando), Javi Villa and Aladino Martinez stood out.
They talked about different topics, from safety in the mountains, to the limitation of the horsepower of vehicles in said specialty. We remind you that Rogelio is also a very dear person within SIF MOTOR, due to the support that Rogelio gave him when he organized the Subida al Sueve).

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