A unique show in Asturias
This last weekend (in Arriondas-Parres) has been disputed the 46 edition of Subida Internacional al Fito which scores for the European, Spanish and Asturian Championship. Another year more motor fans gathered in large numbers, there were more assistants than in previous years. We want to emphasize that it is the only event in our country that scores for the European Championship. The weather was good on Saturday and Sunday and the assistants could enjoy even more the spectacle. We want to comment that we miss some drivers who have not attended Fito due to problems with the Spanish Racing Federation, for example: Antonio Fombona with its Lamborghini, Aznar, Alberto Aldo, etc. The best time was for the Italian Cristian Merli, thus stripping the driver who had won the last 5 editions; also the Italian Simone Faggioli who had problems with the switchboard of his Norma M 20 FC and got second place, and the third place was for the Spanish driver Andrés Vilariño Esnaola.

European Championship
Category 1

Tessitore : 6:15.098
Martin Jerman: +3.413

Category 2

Christian Merli : 4:55.581
Simone Faggioli: +6.913

Spain Championship
Category 1

Andrés Vilariño Esnaola 5:13.886
Pedro Salvador +8.733

Category 2

Cesar Rodríguez 5:41.384
Garikoitz Flores +4.671


Kike Perello 6:15.334
Sergi Pañella +6288

Asturias Championship
Category 1

Javier Villa 5:28.219
Albino García +16.714

Category 2

Francisco Javier Sanz 6:31.772

Category 3

Xabel Solis 6:34.600
Primitivo Ambrés +0.502

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