New Year´s eve dinner with together with ¨911 Club Vasco Navarro"
Last Friday, December 15 th, with the group of friends together, from the Porsche Club, having dinner at the Usagieta hotel (Oiartzun, Gipuzkoa).
"SIF MOTOR" team has had the inmense pleasure of attending to the new year´s eve dinner organised by "911 Club Vasco Navarro".

Former race drivers, co-drivers, organizers and members of the "911 Club Vasco Navarro" have enjoyed this event.

Our President, Mr. Aladino Martinez, have given a present out our race, to Mr. José Ramón Amorena, president of the afomentioned Club, during the dinner.

SIF MOTOR has also delivered a gift to each of the guest, a bag with products from "Asturias natural paradise"

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