2º Subida internacional al Fito Virtual (2020)
The third race of the Virtual CEM 2020 will be the Upload to Fito, on May 8, 9 and 10. The simracing test set in the Asturian international test has 250 confirmed registrants through the different categories of the contest promoted by Motor & Sport Real Simulation and Club Simracing.
The drivers are divided into groups of 25 to form one session, with two sessions being held on Friday, four on Saturday and four on Sunday. When all the places have been completed, the 250 participants have been reached.
After Estepona and Ubrique, the Fito arrives in a busy month for the pilots of the Virtual CEM since at the end of May the Ascent Guide of Isora will arrive, completing the first half of the calendar. The second half consists of the Climb to Chantada, Pujada to Alp 2500, the Santa Totana and the Climb to Revoltes de Ibi, finishing the simracing championship in October.


FRIDAY DAY 8 / May / 2020
19:00 session 0 21:00 session A

SATURDAY DAY 9 / May / 2020
12:00 session B 17:00 session C 19:00 session D 21:00 session E

SUNDAY DAY 10 / May / 2020
12:00 session F 17:00 session G 19:00 session H 21:00 session I

Soon we will pass the link to see all the sleeves.

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